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Dublin CSP Network:

“Working to support our communities” 

The Dublin CSP Network is a totally voluntary body that represents the Projects funded by the Community Services Programme in the Dublin Area. The network Media Group worked with CMN, also a network member, to look at media strategy. CMN provided the resources to produce a DVD. The Media Group worked with CMN on the rough edits and approved the final cut. The DVD also carries the full interviews with the participating projects and accompanies an information package providing details of the full contingent of Dublin Area CSPs.

About The Dublin CSP Network Video

The Dublin CSP Network wanted to assert the value of the CSP projects, to reach policy makers and decision makers – particularly politicians, TD’s, the Minister and personnel in the Department of Social Protection who implement cuts.

The work of projects funded under the Community Services Programme is little known or understood;  the majority of groups that run CSP projects operate within a community ethos that sees concepts such as ‘value for money’ and ‘jobs creation’ as being intrinsically related to providing quality services, addressing sustainability issues, and building healthy communities. This ethos also links training of volunteers, participants, staff, and Board Members to a collective ownership of the work and the community project.

These projects work because people are engaged with the project; it is their contribution to community that creates value. Ultimately those working in community services know that healthy communities don’t happen – they are built by people focused on  dealing with community needs and not on making a profit.

The video tries to get across that cutting CSP funds for essential costs and training is counter-productive; cutbacks create more problems than originally existed, pulling apart the community infrastructure developed by the project work and which allows people find solutions to problems they share.

The video aims to show the diversity of activities funded under the CSP; it uses many voices of those involved to tell about their involvement and their project; and focuses on the value they bring to the community rather than their profit or turnover.

CMN video production methods –

CMN does not want to control the script for a community production; instead we begin by discussing the main themes and issues with the group; identify some key aspects to start filming; and use interviews as a guide for the work. CMN is also funded by the Community Services Programme (CSP) and is a member of the Dublin CSP Network.