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CMN published its magazine “Tracking” in hard copy from 1994 – 1999, subsequently going online in 2000. Back issues are in the CMN Archives which will be made available on an archives page as work on this site progresses.

CMN Publications:

Centre piece S&H May 2003 : This 4-page document produced by CMN in 2003 outlines milestones in the development of community television in Ireland.

Seen and Heard? Community television, community development and social exclusion. CMN, 2003 (available in email or hard copy from CMN)

While many community activists understand the power of media, and are excited by the potential of something called community media, not all feel sure about what it is, how to use it, what it will do for their community exactly, will it just be a diversion from the real work we need to do? Here we have brought together background information and examples that community groups can recognise as close to their own work, and demonstrate the links to community development aims.


A Day for community Television 2002:

Report on Workshop concerning the new Broadcasting Act 2001 which legislated for community television in Ireland.


Position Paper on Communications and Community Media

Position Paper presented to Dublin City Development Board as submission to consultation on their 10 Year Plan


Community Media Training – A Guidebook for Community Organisations. CMN, 2000

This Guidebook was produced as part of the CMN Integra project “Building Community Media in Ireland” 1997-2000. Written by Maria Gibbons, it outlines approaches and needs for community media training in radio, video, and photography.


Research documents and publications undertaken with CMN:

Class and Voice; working class communities making media in Ireland

Margaret Gillan; Submitted to IAMCR Conference 2011


Building WC Media; NewAgendasNUIM2011

Margaret Gillan; paper presented at New Agendas Conference, NUIM, 2011


Challenges for CM 2010 Margaret Gillan; Published in Interface, Volume 2, Issue 2 (online Journal) at:


PhD Thesis: Participatory Action Research (PAR) Project to support the deve;opment of community television in Ireland. Margaret Gillan, January 2010. Report imminent. Selected supporting documents below.


PhD; Selection of supporting  papers prepared for CTV network members:

Project Document No 1 Programme Types Schema

Tabulated schema of types of programmes as a review of possibilities for the community television channel and possible funding streams.


Project Document No 2 Report MAW v5

Case study “Production in the Community” with community drama group performance of “Men At Work” 2008. The video was recorded during a public performance in a community hall, the study reviews the problems encountered with the production both organisationally and technically as well as the achievement of producing a broadcast standard production with very few resources.


Project Document No 3 Programme Formats Module Final

A reference document reviewing programme formats and the extent used in CTV.


Appendix No 28 NvTv working report 3

Case study of NvTv, Belfast. 2004


Appendix No 6 List of Charters and Declarations

Relating to Community media and CTV. 2008


Appendix No 29 Hidden Report

Brief report on CMN collaboration with Drama Group 2004


Appendix No 47 Zuber Skerritt diagram of PAR

Useful diagram of the Participatory Action Research (PAR) process