About CMN:

Update: CMN’s funding from the Community Services Programme (CSP) was teminated in March 2012. While this means we will not be able to offer the same services as before, our organisation continues with our other activities while the Steering Committee pursues further options and ways to develop the 2009 Strategy. CMN is still operating and will respond to your queries.

CMN’s organisation

The Community Media Network (CMN) members come from all over the island of Ireland; the organisation promotes the use of all media, including Community video, television, print, use of the Internet and radio as a tool for community development and social justice.

Promotional and support activities:

National Role: CMN supports community media nationally through its involvement in the Community Television Association (CTA – www.ctaireland.ie); the CMN Co-ordinator serves as Chairperson, and the organisation provides co-ordination for the CTA Development Activities.

CMN works with groups to develop their capacity to manage their media needs – these can range from identifying needs; provision of training in media production; production support. This is a process-focussed activity based on the needs of the organisation, it demands relationship building, and CMN encourages the development of networks of groups to enable peer2peer support. CMN aims to leave behind a set of skills that can be renewed within the community itself, that are sustainable and self-supporting.

CMN Current Projects:

Documenting community use of media with:
Community Response
Donore Drugs Team
Whitefriars Aungiers St. Community Centre

Promotional video for community groups:
Dublin CSP Network
Ballyfermot Civic Centre
CMN has supported a number of community organisations including TURAS; PACE; CASA


CMN recent projects:

Production in  the Community: Men At Work
Donore Community Drugs Team (Promotional Video)
Family Support Network – 12th Annual Service
Ballyfermot Civic Centre (Promotional Video)
GBRD 5th Annual Media Awards (Event documentation)
Sword Youth Group (Drug awareness video project)